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New Consultants

Welcome to Mary Kay!


I’m so excited you said YES to Mary Kay!  We’re on a mission in my unit to find hard working women who are looking for something “more”!  You’ve come to the right place and I’m so excited to be your mentor.


Below is your welcome packet and checklist.  Make sure you watch the inventory video and review the FREE Bonus Bundles available to new consultants.  So look over all this and I can’t wait to chat with you!



Power 10

Your business will be off to a running start when you complete your Power Start, sharing the products with 30 women in your first 30 days  –  earning your Perfect & Power Start Charms for your charm bracelet!


Booking Calls & Working Full Circle

Julie's Booking Box

Overcoming Objections

The Emotional Cycle

The Emotional Cycle

Money Management

Money Management

Pearls of Sharing

I am so excited you are in my unit! My job as your director is to teach you how to do two things: how to be an amazing seller of this product and how to be an top notch team builder in this company. I want you to pick 10 fun, sharp women who would be willing to help you with your Pearls Training,  and more importantly, who you would LOVE to work with! Here is a sheet to track your progress, and the prizes you will earn through your Pearls of Sharing training:


Satin Hands Survey


I’ve never had Jeff the Tax Man personally do my taxes, I think all of his stuff looks amazing, and think this information is very helpful for all of our consultants for tax preparation!